Friday, May 8, 2020

Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

Why Dogs Make the Best PetsThere are many reasons why dogs make the best pets and it is about time that we tell you about some of them. This article is not a biography of the owners but is about the pet and the relationship they have with each other. It is a good idea to share this information with those you know because then you can start a friendship that can last a lifetime.The most common reason why dogs make the best pets is because they love to please. Some people do not understand this and think that they only want a dog to pull a cart. Well they are in for a rude awakening.A dog will even go outside to help when you are at work or play a sport that involves running and jumping around. These dogs are very athletic and when they are running around they will want to jump into their owner's laps to be carried back home. This is how they express their love to their owners.Another reason why many pet owners love their dog is because of their loyalty. You will not have a problem goi ng out with your dog if you make sure that they are with you. They will never leave you without a fight and will not be able to get up on their own unless you are there to carry them. A dog will always look to you for help and safety and they will respect you.Pooches are great in the classroom. They love being around people so if you have a classroom that has a lot of students they will be happy to sit by you and listen to all of the gossip. When your dog is not trying to make you pay attention, they will be looking for something to chew on. When you give them the opportunity to sit down and read a book, they will come and tell you exactly what they saw.Dog's love to be around children and teenagers alike. If you have a child in the house they will be amazed at how much they make the dog happy. The dog will always keep the child entertained and if you leave them alone you will find that they are becoming more quiet and withdrawn.When a dog reaches a certain age they start to show ot her personality traits as well. As they age they start to act like other dogs do and become lazy. Older dogs will follow you and keep their distance from strangers because they understand that there is a difference between being a pet and being a friend.It is sad to say but most people have a hard time making the transition from dog to human. But if you really care about your dog and want them to have a happy life you should take them for a walk every day. That way they will become used to being around humans and will know that they are part of the family.

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