Sunday, November 17, 2019

Technology in the classroom Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Technology in the classroom - Article Example In these instances, it’s necessary for educators to develop clearly defined expectations for participation and even consider a rubric that outlines necessary and appropriate participation. Another issue concerns the ability of the students to access and learn the new technology or even the school to fund the technological integration (Dede 2009). While teachers assume that most contemporary students have aptitude for social networking platforms, not all students are as capable as others; in these instances technology instruction must parallel the lesson, which can be a hindrance if drastic levels of differentiation proves necessary for the lesson plan. While many educational researchers and teacher recognize that incentive systems need to be in place to encourage education professionals to integrate technology into the classroom environment, there has not been enough written on how to adequately structure these inventive programs. Currently, in most classroom environments the incentives are intrinsic as the benefits experienced are seen through the increased productivity of the learning experience, and the increased efficiency of lesson planning. Other proposed measures include extrinsic measures that grant teachers who effectively integrate technology access to funds that will allow them increased access to technology. Christian (2010) points out that in many instances funds from departments not utilizing technology can be collated and implemented in departments that are more proactive in their approach. While implementing an incentive program that directly links reward with technology integration can be challenging can be next t o impossible as the fluid and changing nature of technology is difficult to objectively quantify to specific educational tasks, an overarching policy of administrative officials to hire, support, and promote forward thinking and technology savvy teachers is the greatest

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