Monday, October 7, 2019

Physical Geography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Physical Geography - Essay Example This implies that it reflects red and yellow light. Gold occurs in diverse geologic environments, and its classification into deposit categories is thus intricate. Geologists recognize two kinds of deposits or occurrence of gold, which entails the primary and secondary. These two kinds depend on the same physical and chemical process to generate economic concentrations of the gold ore. The primary type of occurrence often forms in a place that the gold precipitates, which happens during the chemical reaction involving hot fluids, mineralizing solutions and rocks of the Earth’s crust. Formation of the secondary deposits often occurs later when the mechanical and chemical processes of weathering, as well as erosion, take place. After the formation of these kinds of deposits, it is then easy to extract it using various techniques. Production of gold in Colorado is something that begun a long time ago. Colorado is one of the United States. History provides that Colorado started as a small town because of the gold trade and then later developed to what one can now see presently. There are a number of existing gold mines in Colorado that increasingly exploit this natural resource. Some of the districts within Colorado state where goldmines are exploited, include the Cripple Creek, as well as Victor goldmine. The economic contribution of gold to the state of Colorado can never be undermined. Gold has improved the economy of Colorado and had led to the construction of a number of infrastructural projects. Gold keeps on providing employment opportunities to the youths. Monotremes: They are primitive mammals that lay eggs. Marsupials: Their females have pouches, and their young are born immature and stay in these pouches. Placentals: Their young are born at a stage where they are somehow advanced, and before birth, their young are fed in the womb via the placenta. The Aepyornithidae and the Double Watted Cassowary are both birds that

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