Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Movie Critique- Two Weeks Notice essays

Movie Critique- Two Weeks Notice essays Two Weeks Notice is a romantic comedy, directed by Marc Lawrence, and stars Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. This movie captures the wit, charm, and sophistication of a classic Hollywood romantic comedy. There are some tremendously funny one-liners that the actors slip in throughout the course of the movie. First off, Lucy Kelson (Bullock) is a liberal lawyer who spends her days protesting the demolition of old buildings by soulless mega-corporations. The frequent target of Lucys protests is George Wade (Grant), a billionaire whose company makes money by modernizing communities. Yet, through a strange set of coincidences, she ends up working for him as his chief counsel. Over the course of the months, during which she works for George, Lucy becomes indispensable to him. Eventually, fed up with menial tasks, she gives her notice. But, as she prepares to depart, she and George discover that their feelings may run deeper than those of employee and employer. Even though most romantic comedies are somewhat predictable, the stars of Two Weeks Notice were able to add their easygoing personalities into the film, to set it apart from other flicks. Grant plays his typical role of the man that falls in love with the girl, and Bullock reverted to her clumsy girl-next-door persona, but these two are comfortable in the "opposites attract" roles that they are portraying. There was good chemistry between the two actors. The dialogue between them was easy flowing and very natural sounding. And they bring to the movie what it must have: two people whom we want to see get together and amusing ways to frustrate us until, of course, they finally do. In conclusion, Two Weeks Notice is a must-see film. It is a witty comedy that will keep the audience hooked until the end. This is also a well-executed film that is enjoyable to watch with a group of friends. This quirky comedy will keep the viewers smiling thr ...

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