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Milk (Movie with Sean Penn) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Milk ( with Sean Penn) - Movie Review Example Therefore, he was able to alter and strive for achievement of human right. However, his ambitions were short-lived by his death in 1978 (Sandhu, 1). This paper will review the movie "Milk" and it outlines changes in attitudes that has occurred since late 1970s after assassination of Harvey Milk up to the present. Attitudes have changed significantly since 1970s and this is evident assessment of the transition from the combustible and cynical period in the history to the present (Sandhu, 1). For instance, it was not common for people hear or talk about gays; in fact, there were attacks of the equitable-right litigation. However, this transition was evoked by Milk’s activism, despite being hampered by his death in 1978 due to political rivalry; this led to gradual change of attitude towards gays, which is seen today (Jones, 1). Moreover, Milk’s activism to promote equitable gay rights as has been substantially associated with the civil rights, which were supported by Mart in Luther King. Therefore, as presented by the movie, there is a significant role played by Sean Penn, whereby he presents a character, mediocre comic strips of battered manliness. Moreover, he presents a moderate, demonstrative masquerade of the extrovert businessmen operating from Wall Street (Travers, 1). The changes in attitude as introduced by this movie can be attested to by Milk’s reinvestments and political people’s imagination, who were not gays. Moreover, this acceptance of gays by other members of the public has continued from 1970s to the present. This movie presents Emile Hirsch, who becomes an activist, together with Diego Luna, who is Milk’s lover (Jones, 1). Moreover, this movie presents a good reason for change of attitudes towards gays, whereby Milk is both attractive, and has a perspective attributes. On the other hand, there are proponents of same-sex marriages such as California’s Propositions eight. However, due to the changed attitu de there are few politicians, who have been working hard to support legalization of same-sex marriages. The movie presents resentment towards gay people, which was portrayed by Dan White, who shot Harvey Milk and George Moscone in 1978 (Ebert, 1). In addition, their death was the forty-eight among the crusader for gay rights in San Francisco. Dan worked with these victims in the city’s board of supervisors, and he decided to shot them in the City Hall (Travers, 1). Nonetheless, cases of death among gay people due to the negative attitudes and heated from other members of the society have greatly reduced since 1978. It is evident that "Milk" offers pertinent ideas regarding transformation of lives among gay people since the death of Harvey Milk and his pursuit for achieving equitable rights (Travers, 1). Therefore, even after his death other that succeeded him was able to achieve prosperity, which was inform of freedom over state persecution, political and social cause. In thi s case, the movie indicates some decisions made by people despite their emotional devastation. In addition, this memorable situation is presented at the end of the movie, where Harvey Milk is considered a hero (Ebert, 1). Milk is also depicted as an ordinary man, who has a range of attributes such as being idealistic, humorous, inconsistent, insightful, optimistic, and

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