Friday, October 4, 2019

Management of international business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management of international business - Essay Example The company is also committed to meeting deadlines following a well organized work schedules. Most of our clients are referred to the company by previous clients indicating that we offer quality services that are customer satisfactory. In addition, it demonstrates that the company is committed to its work and very reliable besides the good customer relations that the company has established. This is the main reason why the company has continued to be relevant over the past fifty years. The company has incorporated sustainability principle in its principles. It utilizes construction materials efficiently and effectively to ensure that there are no adverse impacts on humans and detrimental effects on the environment following the company’s activities. The company has a deep understanding on the need for development that is sustainable. Our construction activities meet the international standards of construction with a long term vision of conserving ecological systems. Holder Con struction Company advocates for environmental impact assessment in order to weigh the costs and benefits that are likely to accrue from the development projects. In addition, the company has employed accredited environmental health officers who are experts in the area of environmental impact assessment as well as environmental audit that can be offered to assess if the environmental mitigation measures that were recommended are being achieved. The company is committed to its social responsibility. It is responsive and follows requirements that have been recommended by intergovernmental regulations. For instance, The Rio declaration on Environment and Development, Participatory Principles, Sustainability Principle, and The Precautionary Principle among other environmental principles and policies. Holder Construction Company has a department that drives its goals and mission of implementing sustainability development and Corporate Responsibility through its Sustainability Development Department. The department has a sole responsibility of giving the necessary advice required prior to the actual construction and during construction. This indicates how much we attach a lot of value in efforts towards Corporate Responsibility. The company holds sustainable practices at heart. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate Social Responsibility, also known as Corporate Citizenship, is a framework that is used to evaluate a company’s performance against parameters including social and environmental parameters including economic parameters. The main aim of Corporate Social

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