Thursday, October 10, 2019

First aid impotance

Here are eight reasons you should take Child CPR and First Aid: 1 . There are differences between Infant CPR and Child CPR, including: hand placement; the technique for compressions; how deep to push; the technique to give a breath. 2. Practice matters! We know from science that the retention of CPR skills is at best 6 months without review, and a change in skills complicates the issue. The American Heart Association recommends everyone should take a CPR class every two years; but f you only took Infant CPR, you haven't yet learned what to do on a child older than one. . Your toddler is mobile. This developmental fact changes a lot! Injuries are now more common. And since a toddler is still gaining a sense of balance and his head is still heavy, the majority of falls in a toddler impact the head and face. Would you know what to do? 4. First Aid is used on a weekly, if not daily, basis for most toddlers! Think of everything your toddler gets into these days. Theyre more ndependent, ex ploring their world, and testing limits.We'll discuss how to make their environment safer. Prevention is key. 5. Choking is more common. Young children, ages 1-5 are at a higher risk for choking since they are now eating new foods, and are also more likely to try to run while eating or not properly chew their food. The choke-saving skills are different for children than infants, so again that hands-on practice is important! 6. A chance to share experiences. In almost everyChild CPR and First Aid class, there are a few people who have already been to the ER with their toddler or called their pediatrician with concerns over an injury. Learn from other parents! 7. This class is for ALL caregivers. Anyone who cares for your toddler needs to have this knowledge. Nannies, grandparents, parents. 8. You'll have the skills to save a life. I saved my daughter's life. As an American Heart Association instructor, as the Program Manager for CPR and Safety at Isis, and most importantly as a paren t, I want you to have these skills, too.

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