Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Computer IT User Guide Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Computer IT User Guide - Research Paper Example While the library itself would provide solid access to materials needed for continued research, the Internet would provide the opportunity to gain access to such research, without leaving home. All of the sources used for this guide, have been found to be credible and reliable. In terms of the audience for this guide, it would be meant for both the expert computer related user, along with the average individual that may be seeking to gain an entrance into the subject matter that would allow them to start the learning process. While it would have overall consideration to the field of computers, it would be more inclined toward those individuals seeking to go into the IT field. As for the motivation behind the use of this guide, it would be figured that, at least for the most part, the goal would be to either firm up pre-existing knowledge, or to gain a basic level of knowledge that can be further built upon. Overall, an individual(s) may wish to utilize the guide for the purpose of continuing what they may have learned in class, or the desire to come into the study of the field as individuals without any pre-conceived notions. The format of this guide would be especially designed for the easy comprehension of both the long time user, along with someone who would be brand new. The source information provided within the guide would be far-encompassing, as it would come to the material gathered from the sources utilized. With this particular guide, it may find more individuals who would be found to gravitate towards it, in that the sources utilized, can be found readily through the use of the Internet. Even if the users of the guide were less than experienced with the Internet, or those who would spend a great deal of time using the medium, each would find benefits through using this guide. Organization of Information As for organization, the manner at which the information is organized in this guide is to show the general nature of material that is available on the subject, through the process of using the Internet. For those interested in the field of computers, they are generally aware of the broad nature of material within a given subject discipline that can be found through the use of such search engines as Yahoo.com & Google. In terms of personal opinion, the construction of the user guide would be in such a manner that would fit the research approach for furthering personal awareness in the chosen discipline being studied. The abstracts have been constructed in a manner that allow for the easy comprehension of the material being observed and the ability to readily find the material and utilize it. The conscious decision to effectively format the guide, in turn, allows for the user(s), to be able to effectively grasp and utilize the material that they are reading. Assumptions In general, this user guide would have been created, with the thought that there would be individuals that would either have knowledge to begin with on the subject, or would wish to become familiar for whatever reason, with the diverse nature of computers and computer related professions. Despite the fact that having firsthand knowledge on the subject may place an individual(s) at a better position going in, there still would remain the sense that, even without such knowledge, an

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