Saturday, October 12, 2019

Applying Anticipatory Logistics to Business Essays -- essays research

Applying Anticipatory Logistics to Business What is anticipatory logistics? It’s a system made of information which anticipates the requirement of customers needs so suppliers can provide adequate service production to meet their needs. Anticipatory logistics is part of the supply chain management which is how things get from the manufacturer to the customer, but it also is the raw materials that are needed in manufacturing. The U.S. Army uses Anticipatory logistics in their supply chain to manage ammunition, maintenance and fuel needs; they use C4I which stands for computer, command, control, communication and intelligence along with other DOD military branches. Logistics are part of military operation and knowing when solders will need new equipment in the field takes planning and coordination through the supply management board. In this paper I attend to describe anticipatory logistics and why it works well for the army and that is should be used in corporate business. To understand more about anticipatory logistics, it’s important to understand the supply chain management. The supply chain involves how things get from the manufacture to the end user, but its is also how materials which is needed for manufacturing get to the manufacture and the company that makes the goods from them who is the end user in a supply chain of command. If the supply chain isn’t managed correctly, there could be delays in production process or there would be too many shipments and not enoug...

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