Monday, September 9, 2019

Ransomware Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ransomware - Research Paper Example The way the ransomware attacks a computer system is similar to the way a computer worm operates. This means that a ransomware uses the route of downloaded data and it may even enter a computer system through a network that is vulnerable against such attacks and is not properly secured. Ransomware developers use payload to password protect personal files of a user, encrypt data that is textual in nature or minimize the users communication with his/her personal computer by displaying notices that the system has been used for illegal purposes, it even overrides files in the windows registry area such as the file of explorer.exe or restrict the user from being able to use the system until the user has not repaired the entire system. The system of coercing the computer user through display of messages is regarded as scareware. The first ever created ransomware was created by Joseph Popp who named his ransomware as PC Cyborg Trojan (Emm, 2008, p.15). In this ransomware the developer had developed a payload that used to state that the license of a particular software has been expired and the ransomware even used to password protect the softwares on the hardrive and use to coerce the user into paying an amount of $189 to the developer if the user wanted to reuse the software or unlock the encrypted system. Josephy was caught by the criminal justice system and he was recognized as mentally unfit, Josephy gave his earned money to help in funding AIDS related research. During the season of 2010, ten people were arrested by the local authorities of Russia for developing a ransomware named as WinLock (Celtnet, 2012). This ransomware was indulged in the act of displaying images that were pornographic in nature and used to coerce the users into sending a premium rate text message which was priced at $10 in order if the users wanted to unlock their computer systems through a code. The developers of this ransomware earned more than $16 million; this ransomware did not use the technique of encrypting files and computer systems. During the year of 2012 a huge ransomware named as Reveton which was even recognized with the nick name of Police Trojan started spreading in US. This ransomware displayed a message on the user’s pc stating that the law enforcement organizations have detected illegal activities conducted on the computer system. For example: viewing and downloading of softwares that are pirated in nature and downloading of pornographic material. The playload used by this ransomware required users to reimburse the authorities by utilizing a voucher from an unknown cash service that was prepaid in nature. To increase the fear of the law enforcement agency, the developers used to display the IP address used by the user and the ransomware even showed the users that the intelligence agenc ies are recording their activities. During the month of August 2012, the developers of Reveton attacked US computer system and the message displayed by the playload stated that the user has to compensate for their illegal activities by paying a total of $200 to the FBI through MoneyPack card (PERLROTH, 2012). Defense Several methods have been identified by security software developers and other software develope

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