Sunday, September 15, 2019

Marketing channels Essay

Analyze the Supply and Demand side gaps for LA before the alliance. 2) Based on your analysis in 1), which elements of the distribution channel are ineffective at Laura Ashley before the alliance? 3) Evaluate the decision to enter a strategic alliance from the perspective of both Laura Ashley and Federal Express. What are the real opportunities and risks of this approach? 4) How likely is it that the partnership will succeed over the long term? What will it take for both companies to make it successful? Minolta Case 1) What are the challenges facing Minolta? 2) What do you think of Mr Izuhara’s proposed solution to the grey export problem? 3) Discuss the â€Å"tactical changes† proposed by Mr Kusumoto by considering the implications of each proposed changes for Minolta’s marketing strategy and competitive position. 4) Do you see any other alternatives for solving the grey export problem? HP consumer products Case 1) Describe HP’s current distribution system. 2) What functions and channel flows do the retailers accomplish for HP? 3) What are the benefits which a consumer might obtain via an HP presence on the Internet and the benefits to HP – in particular; is it cheaper to sell on-line? 4) What kind of on-line presence do you think HP should have? Why? Supercuts Case 1) What alternatives does Dave have for resolving the problem with Kevin and Wendy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these alternatives? How would you implement your choice? 2) Analyze the risks and returns of owning a Supercuts franchise in one location. 3) Assuming Dave continues granting new franchises, should he look primarily for large franchisees or smaller ones? For example, should he prefer three franchisees, each with four locations over one twelve-store franchisee for a given area, assuming comparable financial credentials? Why? 4) Assume for discussion purposes that owning locations versus franchising them constitutes a reasonably attractive use of capital. If that capital is available, should Dave move in this strategic direction? Why or why not?

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