Friday, September 27, 2019

Informative and surprising paper about America problem Immigration Essay

Informative and surprising paper about America problem Immigration - Essay Example   This roughly suggests that one person from each 35 is moving to some other nation regarding professional or any other reasons. (Mchedlishvili) The discourse of immigration comprises of several issues, such as professional immigration, reunification of families etc.   The big nations such as United States of America- faces the immigration matter probably more than any other land.   This paper aims to reflect on whether immigration is a good or a bad thing for a nation, in both ways, for the nation that is producing these migrants and also for the nation who is sustaining them into it. First the discussion is focused upon general view and then it presents my surprising view on the subject. I differ with the common people especially belonging to developing nations on their idea that America is a land of opportunities. Being a student in a reputed university I find several students getting admitted here every year. Most of them are from Asian countries like Pakistan, India and China. They come here mainly because they think the country to be full of opportunities for them, both in terms of education and work. It feels good to hear that they have such intense faith in the economy of the nation. Immigration in America not only occurs from the mentioned nations, but a large number of people travel to America from third world nations. I have often discussed about this immigration issue with many people, some of them are my friends. Mostly my professors help me in knowing more in this regard.   I came to know that, the largest part of this immigration occurs due to the employment problems.  Lately the open trade and investment atmosphere has led to a huge exodus from different countries to America.   Initially a vast and higher demand of labors in the industrial countries such as America and the huge number of unemployed labors in the undeveloped or the developing nations has set the wheels of immigration in great motion.   This has been a part of the hiring

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