Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Human Resource Management Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Human Resource Management - Case Study Example After an organizational diagnosis; interventions are developed. The diagnosis has to come up with interventions that will not be met by resistance from employees and most be attainable given the resources available in the organization. In addition to the intervention proposed in the case study; I propose that Steinway adopts a strategy to streamline its supply chain to increase its accessibility in the international market. Although the organization operates on an international scale; the diagnosis only proposed that the organization must be inclined politically to meet different governmental and country requirements. Steinway is faced with many competitors in America and could extend its operations by taking advantage of the emerging markets in Asia. Furthermore, supply chain helps to offer better customer service and therefore the organization can position itself to compete effectively with its competitors. A well designed supply chain is critical for organizational effectiveness. Supply chain would help the organization reach out to its suppliers of lumber and the customers. To streamline the supply chain, Steinway need to harmonize and standardize the operations in all its retail outlets in New York, New Jersey, London, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. Further there should be coordination among these centers to ensure that the company’s products are accessed by the customers according to the demand. According to Richen and Steinhorst (2005), process standardization and harmonization can be achieved by setting a central institution to control business operations. In addition, use of information system can be used to streamline the supply chain thereby ensuring organizational effectiveness. The Steinway can develop a single system where customers can make their orders and the central process coordinating the business will arrange for the delivery of the products. This intervention is based on the hypothesis that a more responsive supply

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