Friday, September 13, 2019

Factors that influence recruitment and selection practices in HRIS Research Paper

Factors that influence recruitment and selection practices in HRIS - Research Paper Example light with this, several factors influences recruitment and selection practices in the HRIS depending with organization’s goals especially on what it intends to attain by recruiting new employees. Currently, many organizations heavily invest in HRIS in the effort to manage human resource. However, what they fail to realize is that HRIS should not only be concerned with, administrative human resource, but also human resource planning in order to attain their goals (Kandula 69). Therefore, it is apparent that any person to manage HRIS should contain the ultimate capability to enable the organization attain its goals. For example, somebody working in HRIS must have adequate knowledge on HRISs. This is paramount because certain knowledge about computerized applications is required to manage employee’s data and information. The candidate must as well be innovative in order to bring about knew knowledge, ideas and development in the organization (Kandula 69). This is arguably true because organizations success highly depends on the workforce abilities to deliver. In essence, HRIS involves helping the organization in analyzing job competencies and skills, salary and wages data, analysis of recruitment patterns and trends, and other strategic management in an organization (Pattanayak 46). With such information, organizations are able to effectively manage human resource. In this regard, any person heading HRIS must contain knowledge of how to articulate on these issues in order to help the organization succeed. In addition, HRIS should contain performance management system and training and development systems, which are used to evaluate and improve performance of employees. Individuals heading HRIS should have the ability to develop a system that can measure how every employee performs in the organization, and develop a system that enhances their competencies (Pattanayak 46). Different companies have different goals and objectives. However, this depends with area of

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