Wednesday, August 7, 2019

W7Q Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

W7Q - Essay Example 260). In organizational development, managers are more focused on developing unique patterns of behavior and culture that could effectively solve organizational problems within the internal and external business environment. Normally, this can be done with the use of good leadership skills. Since managers are made responsible in aligning organizational culture and behavior in accordance to the business goals and objectives, it is safe to conclude that both managerial efficiency and effectiveness can be accomplished in organizational development. It is possible for manager to be efficient but not effective in terms of achieving the business goal. In general, there is a significant relationship between organizational work environment and musculoskeletal disorders such that a poor working environment like having insufficient lighting or the presence of excessive noise pollution could also lead to stressful working condition (Gershon et al., 2007). In relation to this example, a manager may be efficient in terms of his work attendance or the ability to communicate well with employees but not able to meet the business goal of increasing the production output There are many ways in which a business organization can evaluate the transformation of– and organizational effect which could result from organizational change. Depending on the main purpose of the evaluation, managers can choose between internal and external auditing or by conducting internal survey to obtain feedback directly from employees. One of the best ways is to conduct organizational audits. Basically, the result of organizational auditing can be used as a bench mark when developing and implementing a cultural change plan (Gershon, 2010). Since managers will have a base line in measuring or evaluating the success or failure of a significant organizational

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