Thursday, August 8, 2019

The Criminology of Pleasure Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

The Criminology of Pleasure - Essay Example This essay discusses the criminology of pleasure, that analyzes the basic motive behind imposing regulations while seeking pleasure, on the part of the political authorities, is to protect the members of society from harms and troubles caused by dint of the pleasure seeking activities of others. The researcher states that there are other activities and enjoyments too that look for the implementation of rules and restrictions. The same is the case with the drug consumption. With the advent of 20th century, drug consumption became order of the day for the individuals belonging to divergent societies and cultures of the world. The unabated demand for drugs and their usage created many problems for both the governments and societies. During last three centuries the use of drugs witnessed great increase and people invented various methods of consuming drugs and chemicals through oral and physical drugs. The consequent death of a famous actress, due to extra dose of cocaine, forced the gov ernment apply restrictions upon the cocaine. Subsequently, â€Å"the Dangerous Drugs Act introduces controls on the trafficking, manufacture, sale and possession of various drugs, including opium and cocaine.† It was a sonorous expression of the people’s voice, whose children and family members were undergoing drug usage problem. Moreover, the intoxication and excessive use of drugs had caused immoral activities in society. It is therefore, the drugs regulations were one of the most wanted laws from the authorities on the part of masses at large.

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