Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Solar System Formation Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Solar System Formation - Lab Report Example The alignment different from that when the Moon is in its 1st quarter phase. Where is the dark side of the Moon? Facing away from sun. Where is the far side of the Moon? _facing away from sun_ 2. Starting with a new moon (Sun-Moon-Earth alignment), rotate the Earth once. True or False: All locations on the Earth (ignore the N/S poles) see a new moon, or close to a new moon (that is, if we could actually â€Å"see† a new moon). 3. Keep stepping through this process (rotate Earth once, move the Moon 12 degrees) until you get to the first quarter moon (7.5 rotations of the Earth). True or False: All locations on Earth see a 1st quarter moon, or close to it over the course of 1 rotation of the Earth. 11. The Earth spins on its axis once every 24 hours, making our day 24 hours long. We will loosely define a day as the length of time it takes the Sun to return to the same place in the sky at a given location. In Earth days, how long is a day if you lived on the Moon? Is the dark side of the Moon always dark? Explain. ] 720hours. It is not always dark! One complete rotation of the moon round the earth takes approximately 30 days. Thus, 30 days multiplied by 24hours =720 hours. The moon reflects the light of the sun to the earth as it revolves and the side which is not stricken by the light does not reflect this light and hence the dark side of the moon but in real sense it is not dark but failed to receive light to reflect at a given phase. 14. Choose from: WNW, WSW, SSW, SSE, ESE, ENE, NNE, NNW. For science, it is sufficient to note just one observation that negates this â€Å"shadowed Moon† idea to have the hypothesis disproved. Figure 2 shown below is an observation that does just that. The phase is waxing crescent and the Sun is still up, located in the WNW. The Moon is in the SW sky. The shadows of those trees in the image must point in which direction?__SSE_____ . The shadow of the Moon must then point parallel to

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