Monday, August 12, 2019

Civil Service Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Civil Service - Essay Example From this study it is clear that   there are people who are dedicated enough to work tirelessly without thinking of the appreciation and rewards coming their way. Indeed such federal employees deserve all the accolades for being devoted to their respective jobs and demonstrating professionalism on an out and out basis. These federal employees find it easier to satisfy their conscience more than anyone else and this remains a much debatable aspect related with civil service nonetheless. The need is to understand how civil service could prove to be a positive force behind the nation’s perceptive regimes. The answer lays in the fact that accountability and hiring of dedicated staff could actually solve the anomaly with the issue at hand. This study outlines that the recognition and appreciation aspects of the federal employees come about when they do something extraordinary. However they are not given much credit when they do their work in a responsible manner, for the sake of the public. Indeed the fault lies within the public itself which fails to recognize the true talent of the civil service and the people who work within these areas – the federal employees. The state should also enact certain policies which ask of the people to give feedback with regards to these federal employees so that betterment within the relevant fields could be achieved. The civil service is indeed a domain of the government in one way or the other and hence the government should be accountable for the mistakes that these federal employees commit.  

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