Saturday, July 27, 2019

Weathering and Mass Movement Event Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Weathering and Mass Movement Event - Essay Example (Kawamura, 2008).. This is the downward movement of rocks and regolith on the earth’s surface due to gravitational force. Mass movements have significance to the process of erosion. It moves materials from the higher elevation to lower elevation. The type of mass movement showed was slope failures; This is a type of slide whereby there is a downward rotation of regolith and rocks along the concave upward surfaces. The upper part of the block remains undistributed. The moved slump leave scars on the hill slope. It is caused by heavy rain and earthquakes. On rocky slope it is caused by chemical compositing of the rocks as seen in picture A (Kawamura, 2008). Rock slides result when rocks fall down a pre-existing surface such as foliation surface, or joint surface. Frequently the spaced fractures in rock are caused due to expansion that occurs during cooling and of the rock mass. It occurs when a rock falls down slope. The debris is similar except that they contain regolith, and rocks. The effect of this collision is that the rocks break more in size and deposit down hill; talus. Single and mass rock are forms of rock fall. Some of the rural areas show relatively week slope stability and are more susceptible to landslides because of the nature of the area’s soils, landslides are also triggered with other natural hazards such as heavy rains, floods, earthquakes and wildfires, landslide also destroy property and infrastructure and mass movement occur slowly or it takes time: warning time. Due to the above reasons people have resulted to move to urban areas that are free and

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