Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The latest 4G communications development Research Paper

The latest 4G communications development - Research Paper Example Additionally, the 4G data transfer systems make it simple for employees to contribute in a video conference by making use of a small cell phone in the areas, or to tune in to high-quality data and information streaming video by using a mobile device. In this scenario, special networks are designed for 4G communication systems to operate flawlessly with accessible networks and offer worldwide roaming. In addition, an inactive user is able to get speed of 1 gigabits per second (Gbps) for downloading data and information through 4G communication systems (Renshaw; Turban, Leidner and McLean). Moreover, some of the well known standards for the 4G technology based systems are 802.20, HSDPA, WiMAX (802.16), UMTS, TDD UMTS and future editions of UMTS and proprietary networks from Navini Networks, Array Comm. Inc., In this scenario, Flarion Technologies is also deploying 4G technology based systems in China, India and Japan. In addition, the technology based design on which 4G technologies wi ll be based in known as Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM). Additionally, it is the main enabler of 4G technologies. In addition, some of the innovative and technological features of 4G include adaptive processing and elegant antennas, as well as both of them will be utilized in 3G networks and improve rates when utilized with OFDM (Tank; Wang and Katz). Moreover, at the present 3G networks yet transmit their data digitally above a single data transmission, while OFDM is designed to move information and data through the hundreds of parallel data transmission streams, as a result growing the extent of data and information that could be transmitted simultaneously through traditional CDMA communication networks (Tank; Wang and Katz). Furthermore, 4G technologies offer numerous advantages including higher bandwidth and quick response time. In fact, this technology offers 10 times quicker response time as compared to 3G. In addition, it is able to operate at 2.6GHz frequen cy that improves the network coverage even it makes use of the same tower where data and information is being received and transmitted for 3G. This technology also takes less time to build 4G for the reason that it makes use of the same tower and fiber-cables which are used by 3Gs however they simply have to enhance the towers by means of 4G components (Answers Corporation). In this scenario, the image given below offers a detailed description of the 4G technology. It demonstrates a detailed overview of the technology working and operations: Figure 1- 4G Technology: Source: AT&T Mobility LLC is a subsidiary of AT&T that is currently offering wireless support and services to more than 100.7 million users and subscribers in the US, Puerto Rico and other U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition, AT&T Mobility has now turned out to be a one of the biggest wireless telecommunication suppliers in the US after Verizon Wireless that currently has more than 107.7 million clients. Additionally, AT&T Mobility is located in the Lenox Park region of DeKalb Co. Georgia, immediately outside the Atlanta (Ibrahim; Wikipedia). In this scenario, T-Mobile has established the policy to encourage its myTouch 4G device that makes use of HSPA+ network, because

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