Sunday, July 28, 2019

Entering The Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Entering The Discussion - Essay Example Perry Thomas commented that Romney misinterpreted the need for teachers; this is because he meant to profit private businesses through the use of prison labor rather than union workers. Another comment used an example of an advertisement Syracuse Cultural Workers group, an economically able person grabs a cookie when one of the group’s worker approaches a plate of twelve cookies. He later remarks that union people want to take away the workers cookies. A reply to this is by other commentators is that they do not want job losses but rather fewer jobs and less costs. To further reinforce the idea that businesses dealing with the federal government get unfair tax exemptions and privileges one commentator quotes General dynamics, which pays minimal property taxes. Further comments disapprove of the intrusion of government into the business sector. Opinions on the role of the government officials appear divided; the debate takes a political angle. On one hand, some commentators view most government offices as wasteful and unnecessary; they disproportionately disapprove of the Democratic Party of president Obama. Others hold the view that Romney is a political insider whose attacks on government are dishonest since it is aimed at gaining political mileage. The blog postings further delve into Mitt Romney’s record in business dealings where it is alleged that he is a ruthless businessman. This thought emanates from his business undertakings in which he bought under performing companies and fired many workers. Those supporting this opinion suggest his only target is to enrich investors, including himself. It is argued that Romney’s comments on the need for less government workers ought not to come as a surprise; it shows his consistent behavior of little regard for workers plight. With political inclinations taking center stage, accusations

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