Thursday, July 25, 2019

Assessment of Michael Ignatieff's The Rights Revolution Essay

Assessment of Michael Ignatieff's The Rights Revolution - Essay Example This could be seen clearly from his several interviews where he never fails to mention that he is from Canada. The Rights Revolution is a series of lectures revolving round the theme of group revolution and civic revolution, in this he has taken over the theme from a revolutionary point of view. The concept of group rights and the consequences are the main concern of these lectures. Though the problem of group rights is a common one in many parts of the world, Canada seems to have this more intensely. The reasons behind the group rights revolution are the presence of multi-cultural people and the multi-nationalistic thought prevailing in them. Although Canada claims itself a unified society amidst diversity, there are still issues running among the Quebeckers and the Aboriginals in terms of receiving their distinct rights from the Government of Canada. But in reality the Government has given full freedom in their education, health, religion etc. Some are really interested to look at Canada as having Unity in Diversity, but the problem of identity crisis arises from those who seem to possess a diverse nationalistic spirit. idea for lectures as Canadian’s group rights, he slowly deviates from the Canadian notion and concentrates more on the non-native group of people who have been living here for a long time. Those were the Quebeckers and the Aboriginals. His lectures, particularly the 5th chapter which is based on â€Å"Rights Recognition and Nationalism† [The Right’s Revolution, Chapter 5], fully has its view on the current issue of the Quebeckers’ demand for individual and distinct rights directly sanctioned from the Government. Here Ignatieff keeps more emphasis on the Quebeckers notion of group rights than that of the indigenous Canadians. The quest for group rights seems to have a serious demand from the Quebeckers and the Aboriginals, where as the Government seems to have granted distinct rights for this multi-ethnic community

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