Saturday, June 15, 2019

What does the tree represent and what does Melinda learn from her Essay

What does the shoetree diagram represent and what does Melinda learn from her creation of a tree - hear ExampleThe significance of the tree in the book Speak, is the growth that it signizes for Melinda in the story. At first Melinda is unhappy with her choice to paint a tree, but Mr. freewoman tells her that she cannot choose another option as it is her destiny. Mr. Freeman also implies that one has to be at peace with ones self before you impart be at peace with the art that you create and this is significantly shown throughout the story as Melinda sputters to be happy with the trees that she paints and struggles to bring her trees to life. It is clear to see that the author of the book deliberately chose for Melindas artwork to be about a tree as a tree is the symbol of life. In this book the tree first symbolizes death as Melinda seems to be struggling and wilting on the inside after the rape that she had endured. Melindas art also follows a pattern of death to life One examp le of Melissas painted trees reflecting her tortured mind is after the gingerroot rally where Melindas art consists of painted watercolors of trees that have been hit by lightning and is so dark that you can almost not see the trees. This is a symbol of the torment, teasing and daily struggles that Melinda faces in school from her previous friends as well as from certain teachers. The darkness also represents Melindas struggle to keep the confidential that she is hiding in the dark as she is not willing to speak up about it.The painting of trees by Melinda and the story that unfolds in the book go hand in hand as Melindas painting projects her frame of mind and the turmoil inside of her. The greatest contributing factor to Melindas struggle is the Antagonist Andy Evans who had viciously raped Melinda at Kyle Rogers end of summer party, which forced Melinda to call the police. This incident led to Melinda being an outcast as her friends

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