Tuesday, June 11, 2019

TUI the largest and leading tourism company in Europe Case Study

TUI the largest and leading touristry company in Europe - Case Study ExampleThe second chapter reviews the relationship among environment and tourism as well as its implications to TUI. The third chapter analyzes the performance of TUI and its those features that contributed to achieve the No.1 position in tourism and shipping industry. It further explains the key unrivaled factors that have made TUI far ahead of its market competitors. In the end the current structural changes in different business fields are discussed and TUIs resolution to these changes with its corporate strategies and business models. In order to complete this paper, a meticulous research has been done on available information on the subject of tourism and contribution of TUI in this field. A variety of case studies and few books and online journals were reviewed. Online available resources are given special precedence than available library books because there is no specific book available about a particula r tourism company. It is the biggest limitations of this research that in comparison to available web-based resources, hard copy books are non readily available specifically about TUI.TUI is abbreviated for Touristik Union International and it was established in 1968. As Preussag AG, it remained a renowned organization in theodolite and industrial sector till 2001 when it became a 100% subsidiary of Preussag AG. In next ear, Preussag AG was transformed into TUI AG. During next few years, TUI developed and changed its production from industrial segment to a modern tourism and shipping company. At present, the company has an extensive network all over the world

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