Thursday, June 20, 2019

To be Determined Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

To be Determined - Essay ExampleHe is essentially good, but he, or his ancestors, keep up broken a moral law a law of the gods or the state. In the play we see him struggling to avoid the consequences of his transgression but we live on that his eventual defeat is inevit adapted that he spatenot avoid the punishment that will come as a consequence of what he has done.Dantes Inferno and homing pigeons Iliad and Odyssey have their own protagonists and tragic electric rayes. Some tragedies like the problem plays of Dante and Homer may not end in death but in that location is a sense of sadness or melancholy or perhaps of futility in the fact that life for the tragic character must go on. If the hero does not die, but those whom he loves or values are destroyed, we still find ourselves with the same kind of emotion which his death would give us.Although literature, Homers and Dantes, leaves us with a sense of loss and tragedy because the hero has shown us how noble and good he is and yet has been destroyed or defeated, we feel a certain kind of satisfaction because he has demonstrated the value of human nature and has shown us how noble and great man can be. We feel high-minded of such a man as a tragic hero and we feel humbled by the thought that we may not be able to be as heroic as he was.Dantes Divina Comedia (Divine Comedy) ns become a best seller. Why is this? It may be because most thinking populate today are profoundly disturbed by the erosion of values in our mechanistic civilization, and are floundering around in search of the eternal verities of spectator and truth as a stabilizing force in their lives. Dante has framed all the parts of his enormous perception within a total race of values and within a total dramatization of reality. (Mazzotta, 128)By the power of his personal genius and by the power of his metaphoric language we can translate his particular

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