Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Nature Conservancy Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Nature Conservancy - Case Study ExampleThis paper illustrates that the conservancy used the point and Acre approach where the buck represented fundraising efforts while Acre was the number of acres under(a) protection. Over time they realized consistent discrepancies between their mission and the outcome measures. The number of acreage under the conservancy did not necessarily translate to the preservation of biologic diversity which was its core mission. The organization adopted a scientific method of analyzing the outcome. The approach involved four principles namely, setting up of priorities, designing strategies, implementation, and measuring of success. The wide analysis of the success as defined by the mission statement of the organization was able to clearly bring out the impact better than buck and acre approach. The strength of this approach lies in its ability to give a systematic formula of arriving at the desired outcome. The setting of goals gives specific outcom es against which the organization will be assessed. The strategies adopted to achieve the outcome can be designed to suit the resources available without wastage and promoting efficiency. The measure of the targeted success is focused on the initial targeted goals and therefore on the loose(p) to measure the impact of the organization as per its set goals. The approach enables an organization to maintain focus to its goals which are normally difficult to achieve in the not-for-profit organization. Various stakeholders in such organizations have the different interest which derails from their core mission. Unlike in profit-making organizations where different stakeholders are unified by the need to instal the profit, a nonprofit organization has multiple visions. The mandate of the nonprofit organization is always broad and cannot be narrowed to few goals.

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