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Financial Statment Analyasys Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Financial Statment Analyasys - Case Study Examplewas established in the neighborly class 1980 for retail sale of natural and organic foods (Edgar Online 1). It became the first grocer enterprise to receive national organic certification among grocers. The organizations history has been based on its mission of quality products towards high health standards and supports national movements for natural and organic foods. The organization floated its initial public offer in the year 1992 and currently operates more than 300 stores globally. Most of its stores have many years of existence in the market, with an average of ten years in their respective locations. Most of the stores are in the United States but subsidiaries exist in Canada and the United Kingdom. Retail in natural and organic foods is the organizations core operation. Focus on social responsibility such as environmental consciousness and the need to improve health through quality product, despite nature of competition, a re the most elicit features of the organization. I preferred the company to others because of its prominence in the industry. 2. The purpose of the management discussion and analysis section is to offer the managements position on its organizations financial features on a times series scale. ... The section also explains existence of competition, describes the entitys products, and offers a summary of financial entropy over the past three accounting periods. Its clear and outlined organization is the most interesting thing and it communicates high prospects and stability of the entity. 3. Ernst & Young LLP is the organizations independent auditor. 4. The auditors opinion validates brooded information by the management. The auditors opinion, in the form, approved the companys statement to be a fair representation of the companys financial position. The opinion is unqualified because it offers no reservation on reliability of the financial statements. 5. The company did non change its auditors. 6. The 10-K includes certification statement required by Sarbanes-Oxley and John Mackey signed the certification. The certification qualifies the reports compliance with sections 13(a) and 15(d) of the Security Exchange Act and that the report is a fair representation of the organizations financial position and operational outcomes and means the managements adoption of the financial statements. 7. The lowest stock certificate price for the last financial year was $ 60.39 while the highest price was $ 100.5. The following table summarized trend in data for the period ended 2012. Graph 1 Stock daily closing stock prices 8. The stock prices had a generally decreasing trend with a level of volatility, politics is a major work out as the nation headed for presidential elections in November 2012, and the management did not associate the decline with economic factors. 9. The industry identifies positive prospects based on accounting rations such as revenue growth, return o n equity, and long-term

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