Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Employee Safety and Rights Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Employee Safety and Rights - Research Paper ExampleViolence at the work can involve or affect employees, customers, clients and eventide visitors. In the United States alone 2 million workers report being victims of workplace vehemence each year (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Although workplace violence can occur anywhere and to anyone, there are those who are at a greater risk than others (Dalton 37). For example, workers who work whose work is to deliver goods, services or passengers, those who work alone, those who work in areas that are towering crime and those who work during odd hours are more likely to encounter some form of workplace violence than other workers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has records of 4,547 workplace injuries that occurred in 2010 of these, 506 were reported to be workplace homicides (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). These statistics paint a grave jut of the rate of workplace violence present in the countrys work pl aces. This issue is the cause of major concern not only for employees, scarce also for employers whose obligation includes taking care of their employees, customers and visitors. How Can Managers Handle Workplace Violence? One of the best protection measures against violence that employers can offer their employees is by establishing anti-workplace violence policies. ... and what workplace violence entail and the repercussions of meting expose such violence to other employees or anyone else within the workplace, they should also understand the steps that they should take if and when they produce any form of violence while they are working. Employers should also educate their employees on how to protect themselves when they are subjected to workplace violence. These policies should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they get over all forms of violence that are likely to occur at the work place (Dalton 88). Employers can also secure the workplace as a fashion of ensuring that t heir employees are not subjected to any kind of violence when they are on official duty. Securing the workplace involves frameing security equipment throughout the place of work (Kerr 203). This equipment whitethorn include extra lighting, video surveillance and alarm systems. Unauthorized access from outsiders can be minimized through the use of electronic keys, identification badges and somatogenetic guards. These security measures are especially important and relevant in workplaces where the employees are in continuous contact with non-employees. If the work involves handling of large amounts of cash, employers can install drop safes to minimize the amount of cash at hand at any single moment (Gustin 81). Employers should instruct their employees to use communication equipment whenever they are out on field assignments (Paludi, Nydegger and Paludi 92). The employers should provide hand-held alarm systems or noise devices and cellular phones which would enable them to stay in co ntact at all propagation when they are on duty. The employees should also be encouraged to prepare and adhere to a daily work plan. Providing escort services to employees who work in high risk areas is also a

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