Saturday, May 4, 2019

Why Finland Education Model will not work for the United States Essay

Why Finland Education Model will not work for the unify States Education System - Essay ExampleThese include institutional design, funding, and Teacher training- instructor retention. Critical analysis of these factors and their application between the two countries explains the variation in their preparation performance ranking.Unless get together States initiate reforms on its institutional designs, it will lag behind Finland in monetary value of its overall education system performance. The Finland government has centralized education policy decisions under the ministry of education. This means that the curriculum structure is analogous and tests are homogeneous across the whole country. Such institutional design means that diverse commandment skills are applicable in different settings and learners abilities. This offers better opportunities for the children and teachers with unique differences to work towards a common goal. This explains the large performance of the educ ation system in Finland as seen from its high global ranking over United States. In-depth assessment of the institutional design of United States exposes significant flaws that make its education system relatively scurvy (Tiina and Markku, 2007). The curriculum development and implementation has been decentralized to individual states. This has placed significant accountability pressure on the teachers and placed much emphasis on passing tests. This design means that the socio-economic diversity in terms of education ability, teaching skills among teachers and students is disregarded. This has been in force since the passing of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) bet (2002) by President George Bush administration. This has seen teachers concentrate on tests which fail to capture other important aspects of learning among students hence poor math and language skills mastery progress. It is therefore evident that while Education in Finland is managed from national platform, the United State s has left education management in the

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