Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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TuberculosisTB is a disease that can cause a serious illness and can equipment casualty a soulsorgans. Every year more than 25,000 people in the U.S. ar diagnosed with TBdisease. Thats only a fraction of the amount of people who carry the mycobacteria tuberculosis. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a rod-shapedbacterium. TB is spread through the air by carriers of the germ. People whobreathe the same air can belong infected with the TB germ. People who do workaround or with people with the TB disease should take medicine. TB infectionmeans that the person has the TB germs but they are in an inactive state. WhenTB germs enter the body, the immune system builds a wall around them. While TBgerms are inactive, they cannot cause any damage. These germs can stay alivefor many years in these walls and pull downtually break out. At this time TB isactive thence it becomes TB disease. It can now affect the systems organs. Aperson can defecate TB disease shortly after being infected with TB g erms if thepersons immune system is weak.TB can attack any part of the system. The lungs are the most common area ofattack. People with the TB disease have one or more of the following symptomsa cough that hangs on, fevers, weight loss, night sweats, constant fatigue, andloss of appetite. A person with the TB disease in the late stages will cough upblood streaked sputum. People who have Active TB disease usually only have cushysymptoms. There are three tests to diagnose TB disease. One is the TuberculinMantoux PPD skin test two is a Chest X-ray which is effrontery after the uncase testis positive three Sputum Test reveals if TB germs are in thick liquid a personcoughs up. The Tuberculin Mantoux PPD skin test is given by placing a substancecalled PPD Tuberculin under the top layer of the skin with a very small harassand syringe. The doctor will inject the needle into the skin which will onlyfeel like a slight pen prick. A few days later the skin test answer will beread by a trai ned health worker. If the skin around the prick israised and itis bigger or the same size as a pencil eraser then the person is likely to havebeen infected with TB germs. This does not mean he or she has TB disease. Youshould always retest yourself even if the first test was negative for a fewreasons. If your immune system has been weakened, then your immune system may

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