Friday, May 3, 2019

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Assignment

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages - denomination ExampleTeaching English with examples and meanings of the verbs, proverbs, tenses, etc, in regional languages does help a lot to the students and have helped and better me tremendously.3) I didnt have any major problem in learning English. I used to dress down English whenever with my friends, colleagues, etc. I used to concentrate more on my grammatical errors and tried to disparage the same. I started to talk English easy because fast speaking does make it harder for me. I spoke slowly and then when I became fluent with English, I was fast.4) a) Borrow Lend - Borrow is to take and use something that belongs to somebody else. For ex I would like to borrow your umbrella. Whereas Lend is to give something to somebody that belongs to you, for ex I bed lend you my umbrella.b) Win Beat - Win is something that is achieved in the game/sports whereas beat is used against opponents. For ex. I benefit the prize. Or I have wo n the game. And on the other hand, I beat all the runners in the event or Brazil beats Austria to win the premier league.c) Go stern Come spikelet - Go back is used to send someone back from where he has come. It puts emphasis on reversive to the place from where you have left. For ex Go back to your room or please go back to your place. Whereas Come back is used to call somebody back to the person himself who is calling. For ex.

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