Monday, May 6, 2019

Performance Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

work Management - Essay ExamplePerformance management is a whole work system that begins when a job is defined as needed. It ends when an employee leaves your organization. (Heathfield 2009).The principal(prenominal) objective of performance management rating is to identify the performance level of each employee on the tail end of some criteria. Here performance management rating scale for a lie line employee is discussed. there are so many methods available for the evaluation of the performance of an employee. The best method which can be applied in this case is Paired Comparison method. Under this method a front-line employee is compared with each an other(prenominal) front-line employees. The criteria that can be used for the comparison are communication skill, preventability, team work, quality of the work, dedication etcetera The person who conducts performance management rating will be supplied with depend of slips. Each of which contains a crabbed rating criterion and also the names of two employees. The rater marks across or in front of the name of the employee who is better than the other with regard to the given criteria and that employee will be given one point. The employee who got the highest number of points is considered as better than others and ranked accordingly. This can be explained with the help of an example. Consider there are quadruple employees viz. A, B, C and D and criteria used is, say, interaction with customers. Here A is compared with B, C and D. How A is compared with B is shown below.Here A gets one point as he is better than B with regard to the criteria namely interaction with customers. In the same way A is compared with C and D. Same process is done with other employees also. There should be a continuous feed back from employees and also meeting should be conducted as and when required.Answer Performance appraisal helps the organization in taking

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