Thursday, May 9, 2019

Business Performance Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

course Performance - Assignment ExampleBarclays provides such(prenominal) a service for charities and fundraisers. The goal was therefore to convince Barclays of the forwarding and prestige it would gain from helping us.- Find sponsors for the X-Box360, the V3 pink razor and the VIP tickets. Our targets were large electrical companies such as Comet, Currys and Dixons. We bequeath have to bargain and negotiate with them as successfully as possible because obtaining the prizes for giving would allow us to save the funds that we have raised.- Marketing the raffle as efficiently as possible in order to raise interest for our cause and seduce the potential subprogramicipant with the prizes. However, we will need to be careful not to spend an important amount on marketing and not target a too important group.- Distributing the tickets to the target market i.e. the 1.500 students who compose the school. We will need to put forward the students aware of the cause we are defending to ma ke the cost of a raffle ticket price spending.Ali was the team leader elected by the members. Unfortunately, he did not show leadership as he did not establish any contingency plan, budget or strategy. He also failed to allocate tasks to other members. As a member he had to research and print advertising flyers. All the team members were asked to concede 20.00 for a total payment of 120.00 for 5000 flyers when the target market was composed of 1500 students. Ali has to work on his communication skills to lay down a better understanding within the group and should really consider planning his actions as it resulted that he produced 3 times the flyers needed.Sukhdeep was charged to go negotiate the scheme with Barclays. He only went once to the swear and claimed that it was a success even if there was not written proof of the agreement. He often proposed tremendous ideas which could never be put into practice, he frequently arrived late at our meetings and was in truth aggressive when exchange the tickets. I believe Sukhdeep should be more committed and professional in his work by display that he can complete the tasks given to him. Also, he should really work on his sales skills.Umer was answerable of the administration work making memos to be sent out to all teachers with form classes as reminders, misdirect raffle ticket books, to set out the proposal that was to be presented to the bank manger and head teacher, which turn up to be very important. (sorry but you did not comment on Umer so please could you complete this part as I dont have any information)Tauseef was tasked to create and produce the flyers and posters. Though very optimistic, Tauseefs ideas were not very creative and he was not able to complete his task within a reasonable budget.

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