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THE MASS MEDIA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

THE MASS MEDIA - Essay ExampleCreative enterprises, those act in the commercial exploitation of understanding position-based goods and services imbued with symbolic meaning (i.e., books, film, music), contribute signifi basistly to the economic, genial and cultural development of nations. These enterprises form complex net wees in content-driven sectors, which in turn make up the original industries. Their unique characteristics (i.e., original symbolic products) drive and sustain diverse cultural and customary traditions, and enhance fond values. At the same time, they generate wealth, increase employment opportunities, and promote trade. Yet, their true value and potential atomic number 18 often underestimated and insufficiently analyzed.Graphic be after is a specific area of the creative industries. Graphic design tin set up be defined as, the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey education to an audience. A graphic d esigner is responsible for arranging and using elements on different types of media ( much(prenominal) as a poster, a package or a website), most likely with the use of a graphics software program such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. These elements include photos, illustrations, type, shapes, color, and texture (Miller, 2008, pg. 1).Examples of graphic design shag be found all around the world. They are most often seen in the form of advertisements, billboards, books, brochures, commercial enterprise cards, greeting cards, logos, magazines, newspapers, packaging, posters, signs, websites, and much more (Miller, 2008).Trends and technological advancements in the creative industries, specifically the field of graphic design, live with brought along both advantages and disadvantages. One of the biggest advantages to technological advancements in the field is the concomitant that graphical art can now be displayed on the Internet. This provides a means for it to be vie wed-and purchased-all throughout the world. Artists can create online portfolios that can be seen by anyone with Internet access. Images can also be sent in a secernate second. Gone are the days when graphical art must be printed out and physically distributed in order to be seen.Trends and technological advances in the field also have their disadvantages. One of the biggest disadvantages is that, due to the fact that virtually anyone can view images that are placed on the Internet, there is the potential for those individuals to steal the work of an artist and claim it as their own or use it illegally. Furthermore, that scenario is really easy for a soul to do. Anyone with basic computer skills can copy or download an image that has not had protection against such acts put into place by the creator or his or her representative.Thankfully, there are ways that individuals can protect their graphical art designs. People in the United States are protected by intellectual kosherty ri ghts. According to DT & GPeople are often confused about Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights. This confusion whitethorn result in a failure to consider the importance of these tools in business development. Yet, these intellectual property rights become more and more important as businesses move into high technology areas. Intellectual proper

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