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Napoleons Quest to Egypt Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Napoleons Quest to Egypt - Essay poserOne of the greatest military commanders and a risk taking gambler a workaholic genius and an restive short term planner a vicious skeptic who forgave his closest betrayers a misogynist who could juggle men Napoleon Bonaparte was all of these and more, the twice-emperor of France whose military endeavors and sheer personality traffic patternd Europe in person for a decade, and in thought for a century.Napoleon was born in Ajaccio, Corsica, on alarming 15th 1769 to Carlo Buonaparte, a lawyer and political opportunist, and his wife, Marie-Letizia Bonaparte. The Buonapartes were a rich family from the Corsican nobility, although when compared to the great aristocracies of France Napoleons kin were forgetful and pretentious. A combination of Carlos social climbing, Letizias adultery with the Comte de Marbeuf - Corsicas French military governor - and Napoleons own ability enabled him to repose the military academy at Brienne in 1779. He moved to the Parisian cole Royale Militaire in 1784 and calibrated a year later as a second lieutenant in the Artillery. Spurred on by his fathers death early in February 1785, the future emperor had completed in one year a course that often took three.Despite being posted on the French mainland, Napoleon was able to occur much of the next eight years in Corsica thanks to his ferocious letter writing and rule bending, as well as the effects of the French revolution and sheer good luck. There he played an active part in political and military matters, initially supporting the Corsican develop Pasquale Paoli, a former patron of Carlo Buonaparte. Military promotion also followed, further Napoleon became opposed to Paoli and when accomplished war erupted in 1793 the Buonapartes fled to France, where they adopted the French version of their name Bonaparte. Historians have frequently used the Corsican affair as a microcosm of Napoleons career. Napoleon became a hero in 1795, defending the go vernment from untamed counter-revolutionary forces Napoleon was promoted to high military office, a position with access to the political spine of France. Bonaparte rapidly grew into one of the countrys most respected military authorities - largely by never keeping his opinions to himself - and he married Josephine de Beauharnais (Cronin, 2006). After the events in his place, he wants to explore the east and want to conquer Egypt. M any(prenominal) Historians had interpret Napoleons quest to Egypt that he wants to follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great. The French attempt to apply influence over Egypt was because of economics, a political need to deteriorate Britain and the personal needs of General Napoleon Bonaparte, who saw the shadow of unemployment - and a loss of influence - threatening as his armies in Italy were nearing the end of their successful struggles against Austria. Having seen the benefits of Britains profitable colonies, Frances Directory listened to Bonapa rtes idea to interest Egypt, drive out the ruling Mamelukes and put up a modern style of government hail-fellow towards French ways. Napoleons swift victory may have been due to the way he adapted to the rigours of warfare in the Near East. He faced a highly developed cavalry with little of his own, but by organizing his infantry into hollow squares which faced four directions, he could repel a charge from any side. This combined with his artillery enabled Napoleon to resist the Mameluke attacks (Brahmrosensweig, 2006).On

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