Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Ideological Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ideological - Essay ExampleSuch has been the issuance with of this author with regards to the topic of prayer in school. As a function of seeking to explain and ideological biography for how this belief has grown and evolved through time, the following analysis will analyze the different stages and approaches that existed inwardly my mind up until the present time. Before delving into the issue, it must be understood that the issue of prayer in school has been one that has been hotly contested and debated deep down the sphere of politics and current media during my adolescence and childhood. As a result of this fact, the perennial presence of this debate allowed me to be presented with the arguments for and against school prayer at a relatively young age. In keeping with the way in which the majority of society viewed the issue, I was led to guess that prayer in school, although representing a few key benefits, was ultimately against the separation of church and state and shou ld non exist to any degree or level within the educational system. Rather than this being certain by a positionly atheist and/or anti-religious viewpoint, this was instead informed as a result of the impact that media and the political debate had upon my own views. However, as I began to mature, I began to note the failures within the educational system as compared to the prior years in which it has been so successful. For instance, my parents, as well as aged generations work continually discussing the devolution of the United States educational system and seeking to understand what changes could potentially be made as a means of remedying this decline. As a function of the presence of this issue and the absorb and unmistakable fact that the United States educational system was unless a shell of what it was during the time of my parents and/or grandparents, my views with respect to the role of prayer in school began to change. Rather than being diametrically opposed to such(pr enominal) an idea, I began to integrate with a level of appreciation with respect to some of the benefits that it might provide. However, of all of the factors that regularize this progression of ideology within my own life, perhaps the most important was a level of increase importance with regards to the role in which religion played within my own life. As was the case of umpteen individuals growing up in a religious home, religion did not have a own(prenominal) impact upon me until such a time that I began to experience religious growth and appreciation within my own life. Realizing the power and help that prayer exhibited within my own life allowed me to come to a greater level of appreciation and understanding with regards to the degree of help and power that prayer could provide within the assort setting. Anyone with even a cursory level of understanding concerning the power that prayer can provide understands that crowd prayer is a particularly powerful means through whic h intercession can be provided. As such, failing to utilize such a powerful tool within the educational system is merely ignoring a cost of free and highly successful method through which the educational system and person-to-person development of the individual students can be maximized. All too often, within the current system, millions of dollars are poured into particular programs with little result. However, it is my firm belief, as a result

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