Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Detailed Character Analysis for Hally, Sam, and Willie Essay

minute Character Analysis for Hally, Sam, and Willie - Essay ExampleWe learn about Willie through what Sam says to him concerning his dance accomplice You hit her too much. One day shes going to leave you for good (7). From this, we can put together that Willie does not like to admit his mistakes, as Sam had to draw the information out of him that Willie had beaten his leaping partner, Hilda. Willie also likes to blame others for his problems Before that I use to be happy. And is you and Miriam who bring me to Hilda and say heres partner for you (37). We can see that Willie cant take responsibility for his own actions and takes his frustrations out on others, but we can see how he learned this type of response from the way hes been treated and seeing how others around him react.Willie functions as a foil to Hally. We can see the uniform smorgasbord of reactions in Willie as we see in Hally. The difference is that Hally thinks of himself as superior to Willie when he really does the same things as that Willie does. This is one reason that Willie isnt as well developed as the other deuce functions he has served his function. We already have one main character that treats people poorly, but Willie functions as the character that highlights Hallys hypocrisy, and so we dont consume to know that much else about Willie.As previously mentioned, the main portion of the play takes place in conversations between Sam and Hally. Hally is a young, white, school geezerhood boy that has picked up his attitudes towards Sam and Willie, the servants, from his parents. It extends further than just how he degrades them when hes angry at them it includes how he feels superior to them as revealed in his everyday speech with them Act your bloody age make do out the nonsense now and get on with your work. And you too, Sam. Stop fooling around (13). Even though the boy is does not earn the best grades in school, he considers himself intellectually superior to Sam and feels the need to instruct him Tolstoy may

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