Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Gay Science,by Friedrich Nietzsche :: The Gay Science, Friedrich Nietzsche

1) Nietzsche could have written The Gay Science differently. What justifies the style of composition he chose? More importantly, is his style of writing effective? What relation do you trance between the style of his writing and the content of thought it expresses? Nietzsches style of writing was a deliberate stylistic choice meant to hide the meaning of his give out and philosophy from those who would not be able to understand it, and with at that place misunderstanding would abuse it. This writing style was also meant to help fight down and give meaning to Nietzsches arguments on the nature of speech and how language is, at its root a illustration describing an object that is undo from us. Nietzsches work bust down language to its figurative roots and explored the nature of how our language is disconnected from the objective reality around us. Nietzsche uses the metaphorical roots of our language to head that words and language our fundamentally disconnected becaus e of the subjective nature of language. Nietzsche shows these metaphorical roots by showing how simple words and phrases that we use in our everyday life are really disconnected or at least removed by the barrier of language. Language is a in effect(p) of metaphors all describing how an object subjectively appears to the individual. No language can bring up what it is like to be that object, nor properly describe what it is that makes the object what it is. All language can do is provide a vehicle through which creation can communicate what he is subjectively experiencing and relate it via a metaphor to another individual who will only get a cerebration of what is being described rather than an actual concrete description.2) In sections 124, 343, and 377, Nietzsche claims that, spare-time activity the death of God, human beings find themselves in the horizon of the infinite, on the hand sea, and homeless. What are the consequences of the death of God? With reference to sectio n 347, discuss the ambiguity of this new found freedom. How might it terrify some people and gift others? The consequences for the death of god are far reaching and and many in Nietzsches work. Christianity sparked the death of God as most of us know him through the actions of Martin Luther. Luthers desire to give the super C man the ability to understand and postulate the bible brought a end to the churches monopoly on morality and brought the divine to the common man making the common man divine.

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