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Censorship of the InternetWe should demand that all general prepares and libraries install and configure Internet Filters. This statement shows how Jeffery Pollock, a candidate for the tertiary Congressional District seat in Oregon, views the Internet. Unfortunately for him, the one affair that he ranted and raved about was the one thing that gave him an unfair disadvantage in the in the upcoming elections. (Blind Ballots) Cyber Patrol, One of the leading Internet censoring companies and is utilise in over 17,000 grooms in the Untied States, actually blocked his website from likely voters. Needless to say, when Mr. Pollock discovered this injustice, some of his views about Internet security review changed. But Mr. Pollock isnt the only candidate whose chances of winning ar diminished because of Internet censoring software product. In Fact, The two leading school censoring products Cyber Patrol and N2H2 Bess, used in over 40,000 schools and school districts crossways the nat ion, also blocked millions of passel from viewing Pat Caseys website, grievance Greenes website, and over 37 other candidates campaign homepages. Most of the millions of people blocked from these campaign pages are also blocked from many pages traffic with gynecology, sex education, racism, gambling, ethics, teen parenting, and the list continues. (Blind Ballots) Certainly in some situations, security review of some material can be justified. For example, A first chump teacher takes her students to the computer lab for a day, the teacher wouldnt loss the kids getting hounded by hundreds of smut sites, but would it really make a difference if a six year old kid was apply a censored internet or uncensored internet? A kid is not going to be looking for anything that has to do with porn or anything remotely close to getting blocked. If a child goes to yokel and searches for cartoons or the mighty morphin power rangers, they will not get pummeled by so called bad internet sites, so there will not be anything to censor anyway.Middle School and High School students across the nation are often required to do research written document and the Internet is a logical source because it contains so much profitable information. It would be much harder for a senior in high school to find information about sex education or sexually transmitted diseases on a censored internet because the current software simply ca... 6person has a greater advantage use a computer with a complete database of information.Works CitedBennett (2000) Blocking software package FAQ. Retrieved November 28, 2000 from the World huge clear. http// Ross (2000) What is Memorial Day?. Retrieved November 25, 2000 from the World Wide electronic network http// Lindsay (1997) Cybersitter Decides To Take A Time Out. Retrieved November 28, 2000 from the World Wide web http// time/digital/daily/0,2822,12392,00.htmlHazelton, Bennett and Mcarthy, Jamie (2000) Blind Ballots. Retrieved November 26, 2000 from the World Wide entanglement http//, David S. (1999) Site Building. Computer Shopper Nov. 1999 246.Unknown (1999). Censorship of the Internet. Retrieved November 26, 2000 from the World Wide Web http// (1999). How a Bill Becomes a Law. Retrieved November 25, 2000 from the World Wide Web http//, John and Adeney, Douglas (1997) Computer and Information Ethics Westport, CT Greenwood Press.

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