Wednesday, March 27, 2019

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The conflict scene is genuinely apparent in modern day issues affecting the environment. environmental groups, both government and non-government based corresponding The Sierra Club and the EPA (Environmental security Agency) are often at odds with industries with conflicting goals such as logging and oil industries. The industries want their right to manufacture products from natural resources, part environmental groups want to protect and preserve these limited natural resources. For example, conservationist groups lobby to industries in the energy field and people in ecumenic to reduce and conserve their use of natural resources and to develop alternate sources for this energy. On the other hand, preservationists strive to preserve these resources as much as possible. miscellaneous other environmental groups have specific purposes and goals such as eliminating railway line pollution from automobiles and stopping the dumping of chemicals into ocean waters. The general goa l of either of these groups is to preserve and ensure the existence of all living beings on earth. fleck this may sound simple or easy, it is far from it. When big businesses like oil companies have billions of dollars and tremendous influences on government, small time environmental groups only get secondary attention.The majority of these groups have been started in very recent history and continue in growing force. This is mainly due(p) to growing awareness, as well as growing concern for environmental issues. Despite this, industries have also grown and so has their consumption and evolution of mother nature. Pollution and waste resulting from the depletion and usage of many natural resources and fogey fuels has plagued the earth recently. Two examples are the growing hole in the ozone shape and the greenhouse effect, which will continue to haunt us in the future. along with this destruction comes the elimination of various species of animals and plants alike. The dollar s ign is the biggest obstacle in combating this and although awareness and protection of Earths resources has steadily grown, this conflict is electrostatic being won by big business.Along with the multitude of insular groups trying to win this conflict, the government is also making attempts to do so as well. This fight to preserve and protect mother nature by means of legislation and activism is being waged by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Through politics and lobbying by these groups, the government has passed many new laws, rules and regulations to aid in the cause of protect our environment.

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