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Buddhism Essay -- essays research papers fc

The origin, traditional Buddhism began in the 6th century BC with the historical personage innate(p) Siddhartha Gautama, but better known by a variety of titles including Shakyammi, Tathagata, or most commonly Buddha, the enlightened one. The legend of the Buddhas life has acquired plenty of variations and embellishments over the years, but the basic facts are current as traditional, including the dates of his birth and death (563-489 BC by Western reckoning, 624-544 tally to Sri Lankan tradition). The story of Buddhas birth is encrusted with myth and fable as that of any God-figure in human history. For instance, he is said to have issued from his spawns womb stating that his cycle of rebirths was about to end. Again, some Buddhists devoutly comport the fables as we in the west accept Christmas narratives, while others choose to cogitate on the truths beneath the myths.      We do know with some certainty that the Buddha was born to a royal family in nort hern India, in the foothills of what is now Nepal. Siddhartha Gautama direct a sheltered existence in the court of his father, Shuddhodana, the king of the Shakya clan, who screen him from any knowledge of human suffering or religions of the time. Soon by and by his birth a soothsayer named Asita predicted that he would become either the emperor moth of all India or if the " iv Passing Sights" should come to pass he would renounced the world and would become the greatest spiritual leader the world has incessantly known. Shuddhodana, Gautama, a member of the warrior-ruler caste, preferred the royal vocation and provided his son with triplet palaces located so that his son would not experience the dramatic seasonal changes. He placed at his son disposal anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 spring girls to keep his mind firmly rooted in the "real" world. He also gave orders that his son should never see the sick, the aged, dead bodies, and nor should a monk be allowed near his son. But, as so often happens when manipulative fathers cultivate their sons to take over the family business, Siddhartha rebelled. At 16 he married a beautiful young princess named Yasodhara, by whom he fathered a son, Rahula.      Over the prove years Gautama, was shielded from the facts of the real world. But legend states the gods intervened with what is now called the "Four Passin... ...He then continued to meditate for a total of 49 days, for it was at this time all Buddhist down through the ages believed, Gautama, first experience Nirvana the goal of Buddhism it means freedom from karma extinction of all lust the realization of the true nature of the mind. This is the closest thing in Buddhism to the westerly worlds idea of salvation, the ultimate goal of all sacred faiths.      Traditionally, the accounts were committed to writing in Sanskrit and in Pali, a Sanskrit derived Indian dialect within 100 years of the Bu ddhas death, but modern scholars places the dates circumferent to the 2nd and 1st century BC. The written records of his sermons and dialogues are known as sutras. Unlike other major religions of the world the concept of a godly being, as in, Hinduisms Atman-Brahman, Judaisms Yahweh, and Islams Allah, Buddhism does not proclaim any worship of any god. Buddhist believes that the divine being, per say, is not something you believe in, or worship, or can describe but instead something you experience. Bibliography1. http// http// http//

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