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The Maturation of Telemachus in Homers Odyssey Essay -- Odyssey essay

The maturation of Telemachus in Homers Odyssey The Odyssey was a great book in which many characters were brought step up and developed. The most significant development that occured in the epic was the development of Telemachus. Telemachus is a very complex character that Homer develops from beginning to end. From the beginning when is a mere shadow of his set out to near the end in which he is con human facered just as courageous. Many factors influence Telemachus as he matures into a man. To begin with his account means Far from Battle. This was given to him because he was born when the male generations of his parents were going off to the Trojan War.But the name proves to be ironic, for the epic ends with Telemachus taking part in two battles. non having any father figures as a child severely personal effects Telemachus. He becomes a timid, shy and spineless boy who is greatly pampered by his mother. He is not helped by being the son of a world-famous fath er- a difficult reputation to live up to. This lack of motivation and self-asserting behavior does not help Telemachus when the suitors start eating away at his estate. Telemachus knows what the suitors are doing is wrong but yet does not do anything nearly it. Telemachus fatuously hopes that his father will come and clean up the vision that the suitors are to blame for. Telemachus knows that his father would handle the situation with the suitors in a much more aggressive manner than he does. Odysseus would kill only of them for being treacherous beings, while Telemachus does nothing but whine. Telemachus says how his noble father might come back out of the blue, drive the suitors headlong from the house, and so regain his loyal honors, ... and his son fight side by side against the suitors. It is clear at this point that the old Telemachus is gone and each that is there is a new brave, bold and thoughtful Telemachus. Homer does a marvellous job in maturing Telemachus during the course of this book. It is delightful to see a young, foolish boy grow into the proud man that he became. Pallas genus genus Athene helped discover the wheels in motion but it takes true hero to get places and keep the status that he gains. We last see him standing inside the accurate order of the clan of Odysseus, when Grandfather Laertes, Odysseus, and Telemachus, all in armor, all defending the ancestral estate receive the blessing of Pallas Athene and of Zeus. Works Cited and ConsultedHomer, The Odyssey, ed. W. Shewring Oxford University Press, 1980.Tracy, Stephen V. The Story of the Odyssey Princeton UP 1990

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