Friday, February 15, 2019

The Benefits of Immigration in the United States :: Pros of Immigration, Immigrants

The Benefits of Immigration in the coupled StatesAmerica is known famously throughout the world with the nickname The resolve pot. The reason behind this is that America is extremely diverse and has many polar great deal. Immigrants give America the chance to know the culture of many countries. They obtain in their culture, religion, economic take ins, and ideology to America. I believe that the United States should perplex home the bacon healthy immigrants from all over the world because they bring many benefits to it. Immigrants atomic number 18 a positive influence on United States of America.Immigrants have been the lower of this great nation. So why argue now that allowing foreign people into America is dangerous? Some people might argue that legal immigration is the cause of overpopulation. This is not true at all because immigrants accomplish merely half of Americas population (mruthydotcom). Out of them about 40% of them argon illegal immigrants making the U.S bor der patrol responsible for them (world overpopulation). An different channel that might be brought up is that immigration causes environmental damage. This cannot be turn up but we can prove that it is the American citizens themselves that cause this by their pricy lifestyle. Americans consume more per capita than the rest of the world (world overpopulation). Every one in United States has resources like water, electricity, and arable land for granted and we don?t even realize what we can do with out the resources. If you comp ar them to immigrants who migrated from other countries you see that immigrants have more value for these resources. If you consider the environment they came from, they are more likely to preserve the resources available to them. spate might shroud to argue and bring up the issue of terrorism. There is no self-colored proof that legal immigration is the cause of terrorism. Terrorism cannot be stop and can be caused by anyone inside or outside the U.S. Pe ople can still fly over wherever they want to terrorize. at last the problem of communication is brought into the argument of immigration. In a recent paper it shows that more than 60% of the immigrants that migrate tend to learn English and accost it during their daily lives and this percentage is raising (VOA news). Language is part of the few benefits that immigrants bring with their culture. United States benefits from cultures of the many immigrants that migrate to the U.S. the variation of different languages brings great benefit to the U.

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