Friday, February 8, 2019

Psychiatrist interviewing Heathcliff :: English Literature

head-shrinker interviewing HeathcliffPsychiatrist Hello, my name is Dr. Patel from the university ofBombay. I am here with a man whom has been to my operation plenty oftimes to take extraneous for advice and help, his name is Heathcliff. He is hereto lambast nigh his revenge on the people of Wuthering Heights andThrushcross Grange. So lets ask him how all this began and turned out(a).Hello Heathcliff, how can I help you?Heathcliff I impression like I get hold of to take revenge on slightly people thathave deal outed me wrongly in the past. How could I refrain from doingthis?Psychiatrist Well, before I can make a judgment why dont you tell mea bit more about yourself.Heathcliff Well, this all goes back to my childhood. I was basewondering the streets of Liverpool by a man named Mr. Earnshaw. Mr.Earnshaw already had two children by the names of Hindley andCatherine. During my time with the Earnshaws, their son, Hindley,didnt treat me like one of the family. Hindley treated me as a slavebecause his laminitis thought more of me than he did his other children.Obviously jealously was brought out of Hindley because of this.Hindley lone(prenominal) began to treat me like this after his father had passedaway because he inherited Wuthering Heights.Psychiatrist I see, is this man Hindley the only person you feel youhave to have revenge on.Heathcliff No, there is another man by the name of Edgar Linton. Themain reason I feel I need to bring revenge on this man is because hemarried the cleaning woman I hunch forwardd.Psychiatrist Yes, can you explain yourself a bit wagerer about thesubject?Heathcliff During my time with the Earnshaws I began to fall in lovewith their daughter, Catherine. I had loved her for a long time untilone daylight I over-heard Catherine telling someone that she cannot marryme on account of my shortsighted social standing. After this I left WitheringHeights only to discover that she had married Edgar Linton justbecause he was an heir of a ladened neighbouring family.Psychiatrist OK, what else do you know about Edgar Linton?Heathcliff I know that he was an heir to an estate called ThrushcrossGrange.Psychiatrist During your absence from Wuthering Heights whathappened?Heathcliff Whilst I was away from Wuthering Heights I decided that Ishould try to earn some money to keep me going, so I constantly readthe appointment page of every newspaper in England. Eventually I foundan advertisement for a job as a courier, so I accepted it. I hadarrived at work only to find it was a drugs couriers job.

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