Monday, February 18, 2019

Once More to the Lake and The Ring of Time Essay -- Comparative, White

In E.B. sinlessnesss experiments, erst small-arm More to the Lake and The banding of Time, he demonstrates two unalike interpretations of time and how time is utilise to symbolize meaning in each(prenominal) piece. Once More to the Lake is an essay that is derived mostly from uninfecteds individualised experience while The wicket of Time is an essay that mostly examines a teenage lady friend playacting at the circus, in the eyes of White. Both these essays give the reader brain wave of how the author uses the al-Qaida of time to show different aspects to the storyline. In Whites essays, he uses similar strategies that reflect on the past and forbid the future, use other individuals as vehicles to access an alternative temporality, and demonstrate his make perceptions and visions in order to explore the reality and different notions of time. Both stories ar similar in a sense that White writes them from a face up time setting however, he explores the notions of time differently since he reflects on his past in Once More to the Lake while he foresees the girlfriends future in The Ring of Time. In The Ring of Time, White writes about his being at the circus and spotting a girl of sixteen or seventeen, politely treading her way through the onlookers who blocked the unveilingthe richness of the scene was in its plainness, its natural condition-of horse, of ring, of girl...a ring of ambition, of happiness, of youth (2-3). However, afterward a week or two, all would be changed, all broken the girl would wear makeup (White, The Ring of Time 3)and, because of that, he envisions her cardinal years ahead, and she was now in the center of the ringwearing a conical hat and hi-heeled shoes, the image of an older woman, holding the long rein, caught in the treadmill of an after... ...ity of time in both The Ring of Time and Once More to the Lake. These strategies include reflecting on the past and foreseeing the future, using other characters as vehicles, and having a personal perception of time. To sum it all up, both stories nourish similarities such as being written in the present. However, they have numerous differences. Both stories may use a technique of viewing the theme of time, but they are each solitary and dissimilar to each other. Also, each story has a character that isnt the narrator but instead, the sensation that is used to explore time, whether it is looking back at the past or looking ahead in to the future. White made both these stories personal pieces of writing however Once More to the Lake is more reflective while The Ring of Time is more of a public piece. All in all, each story is quite similar but very different as well.

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