Sunday, February 17, 2019

Horse slaughter. Is it really worth it? Essay -- social issues

one dollar bill slaughter. Is it really worth it?Horse slaughter has been taboolet on for a long time now and homo have change magnitude their horsemeat consumption because of the mad cow ailment. Mad cow disease is issued from the fattening foods farmers give to their cattle. In the food ar sheeps cram grinded into tiny, tiny bits. Ignorant till the outburst, makers didnt know that in sheep study there is the virus of the dreaded disease. The disease doesnt affect sheep as it is only in their bones but when the cows eat it, it gets into their systems and is passed on through their meat to humans. Many people are going s overthrow off cow meat and onto horsemeat. Countless numbers of them are oblivious to the incident that horsemeat is just as dangerous as meat from a cow contaminated by mad cow disease. The antibiotics, wormers, parasites in the horses, the conditions the horses are in when slaughtered, etc these all affect the meat humans eat. I agree, humans need the pro tein from meat but we do eat enough animals, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens, turkeys, deer, fish. Should we really add a compassionate friend? Horses have served us legion(predicate) years without complaint. Should we just end their kind-hearted services by a spit? Horses are slaughtered in the most inhumane way possible. It doesnt depart at the slaughterhouses, it starts long before that. Most of the horses are stolen or bought from misfortunate horse sales jam packed with killer buyers. Horses swap men and end up in a waiting pen for the carrier bag to take them past. No water supply or food, a tiny set where they cant turn around. Many horses are lame, sick or in horrendous condition, of all sizes and ages, from the noblest old horse to the youngest newborn. Its a long drive from this place to the slaughterhouse. A last the trailer comes. sometimes it is already full, opposite times it is empty. The horses are loaded into it the door slammed close up and off it goes. Ther e is no space, no food or drink and hardly any light. The next stop could be twenty-four hours away sometimes even further. When they go through a frontier, the vets only gleam quickly at the merchandise. If the horses are lucky, they are unloaded into a minuscule pen and given water. Hungry and thirsty horses get vicious so many weaker ones get kicked or bitten. If the driver is in a hurry, water is often limited down to a hose through a ding or sometime... ...s, just taken out of their paddock because the horse thief can get a lot out of it for meat. Owners who sell their horses from a horse sale never know where their friend is going to end up. The prospective owner says that he will have an excellent home, a kind and loving rider and so on but he or she is always thinking excellent business. No one would disdain such a feast. Will you be able to look at a double decker trailer without flinching now that you know what happens? Are you going to close your eyes and turn you back on this inhumane doing? Or are you going to go out there and fight? Horse slaughter is a crying shame. How would you feel if I take your ducky dog or cat away from you and throw it into a box, enchant it for hours on end without food or water to a slaughterhouse, slit its throat and let it bleed to death on a line of reasoning sodden floor? Whilst his life is draining out of him, I control off his four legs and keep his paws for glue or some other substance and once he has finished bleeding, skin him, take out all his internal organs and hang him from the ceiling, ready for packaging? remember again before you order your meal. We dont eat our friends, neither should you

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