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Coming of Age in Ferris Beach :: McCorkle Ferris Beach Essays

Coming of Age in Ferris Beach Jill McCorkles Ferris Beach is set in the 1970s, which is a transitional period in American history. The book is a buildings roman of Katie Burns coming of age. Her maturing is complicated by the transition that is occurring in the age period. At the time, the Civil Rights motion had just ended, and there is a move manpowert towards a more modern society, which included the integration of races and equality among men and women. In the book, the movement is characterized as a transition from the Old randomness to the New South. Different characters epitomise each time period. For example, Theresa Poole represents the Old South, whereas, Mo Rhodes is symbolic of the New South. As Katie grows up in this atmosphere, she moldiness understand herself, and her sexuality. The mentalities of the Old and New South affect Katies development. Each character in the book influences her values and beliefs. Katie must understand people like Mo Rhodes and Theresa P oole in order to open up her position in the shifting order. Throughout the book she is exposed to antithetical extremes of Southern mind, and she falls victim to others views. Finally, Katie realizes that her notions about Angela and Mo Rhodes argon wrong, and that she believes in ideas that fall in between the two extremes that she has experienced. In the beginning of the book, we ar introduced to Mrs. Poole, who is a traditional Confederate lady. She is ridiculed throughout the book because of her conventional beliefs. Her Old South mentality is revealed at the beginning of the book when Mrs. Poole says, the severalize levels are coming The split levels are coming(pg. 1) She believes that the split levels represent a lower segmentation and will degrade their long time established neighborhood. Theresa leads the Children of the Confederacy indian lodge and insists that Katie and Misty must be members of this historical organization. Katie and Mistys participation almost m ocks Mrs. Pooles southern ways. The organization epitomizes a traditional mentality. It is evident that Mrs. Poole does not want to stir in the transition into the New South.   On the other hand, Angela and Mo Rhodes are of an extremely opposite nature. Angela is a beautiful young woman, who Katie envies and admires. Angela is a absolve spirited girl who has no commitment to anything.

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