Monday, January 28, 2019

The Seven Phases of the Systems Development Life Cycle

COMPUTERIZED PAYROLL body FOR TURNSHOP (A SUPERMARKET) PURPOSE AND PROBLEM(Initiation) Firstly the purpose of this system of rules is to help Turnshop to solve it job in the running of it accounting department which the whole company relies on it, so that they put forward have exact, reliable and fast impacting of their payroll department system in the company.For now the payroll system of the company is motion manually and since there be 2000 employees and more actives of the company it make it very(prenominal) hard and tedious to accomplish this task in the company, it also engender a high room for errors, overtime, resources and m 1y and it depart help the company a lot if they have a computerized payroll system (CPS). cooking The cost of the computerized payroll system (CPS) is about 50,000 Ghana cedis. since we testament instal a two new severs for them to handle most of most of their data, one of the sever allow act as a recovery and the disparate works as th e main.And also the cost exit include a free demonstration and practical tutorial for the accounting staff in TURNSHOP as well with three (3) months training using the computerized payroll system (CPS). we go forth help during the period of transition. It willing be a drug user friendly and easy to install and use. 1. Since the company already has some hardware requirements already this trick be use for the computerized payroll system(CPS) ,so we only posit to install the software on the computers and laptops in the company and link them to the sever.SAP solutions will be installed to issue the company-wide accessibility so that they stooge accelerate an accurate financial closing cycle at any level. This will provide the business counselling solutions through the financial record of the employees and the management of pay in the company such The Detailed Employee List contains all the pay, deduction, benefit, state, And local anaesthetic tax codes, and monthly, quarterl y, and yearly totals for each Employee. The report also provides wage and refuse information.Print the Detailed Employee List to review all the employee records That is set up in Payroll. It will eliminate the manual payroll and transaction system in the company which is time consuming and also there is a big chance of having errors. FLOWCHART FOR THE EMPLOYEE PAYROLL SYSTEM REQUIREMENTANLAYSIS Beginning the payroll process for the company starts with obtaining the straightlaced documentation from employees. The human-resources department and the accountant department will need to forward an internal form or a duplicate of the accepted-offer letter complete with the appropriate paperwork to us.Once this process is verified as finished, arrangement of employee information can begin and designing and deploying for the payroll period can start. Question will be also ask and it will be both open and close questions, to help us get the beat understanding of how the payroll works in the company. For example What is honorarium software product in the organization? How the salaried will be paid? How do they calculate the local tax codes, and monthly, quarterly, and yearly totals? And many more physical body academic degree OF THE SYSTEMIn the design the organization system will be targeting a hierarchy as follows Company -> Cluster -> Business Unit (BU) -> discussion section -> Employee, The salary for an employee is made up of various salary components. Each salary component has 3 rules associated with it, a Calculation Rule (Calculate component as percentage of another component, or percentage of a fixed scrap or a fixed number), an Eligibility Rule (whether an Employee/Dept is eligible for a component) and a Constraint Rule which limits the maximum and minimum of a component. These rules are editable and can be edited by a user end user.Also these rules are inherited top-down, simply if defined at a get down level, the lower level rule takes p recedence. The database will contain Attendance, Leaves, Bonuses tables and these rules are also suppositious to interact with each of the tables. The client will be generating payroll for triple clients each hosting a Separate Database instance. They may each have a different interpretation of each component and may have different components. We are only looking to support SQL Server, and payroll generation will be an offline activity and also an online activity in some instant.It will work upon where to put the logic which uses these rules to fork over the unmarried tax components (which will include Tax Deductions, Tax Write-offs, Allowances, etc). The system will take an employee Id and generate a payroll for that month. The order of our priorities is 1. The ability to adapt changes to new clients quickly 2. Long term maintainability 3. Performance 1 and 2 outweigh 3 here by a large factor as this will be an offline activity. Maintainability and Quick Customizability are ve ry important we will be deploying the application for different clients.Client A may have a payment Component Rule as ((0. 3 * Basic) + 800) and Client B as (0. 2 * Basic) + (0. 1 * Attendance Bonus) Also report on the payroll will be created in this coif. DEVELOPMENT STAGE After the system of rules Design it leads to Development where the information system is built and programmed. Here we scram all the necessary ideas we got through the requirement stage and the design stage and send them a prototype so that they can try and gives us the feedback, also this phase where the bugs are worked out of the system. A contingency invention is also developed at this point.A contingency plan is an emergency management document. If the power goes out what happens to the system? What is the back up? How fast can it be brought back up to speed? INTEGRATION AND TESTING STAGE This is the formal integration and testing of the system. Testing has been done on the discipline phase, but in the Integration and Testing Phase it is a formal, record testing procedure, not only to assure that the system performs as designed, but testing the roll-out of the system. If there is already another system in focalize with data, how fast can that data be migrated into the new system and functional to the company?Usually, the system is rolled-out over a weekend so that if anything goes wrong, the grizzly system is still active and available. Integration and Testing is vital for the finis to go with the new system, trusted to the system. Also In this stage the functionality of the individual sub systems in the payroll are tested to ensure proper operation. After successful testing of each subsystem the entire system of the payroll is tested to ensure all subsystems work together properly and so that an employees can check every information on his or her payroll.

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